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School Announcements

Visit our Google Site for more detailed Virtual Academy information designed for our currently enrolled Virtual students and their families.

Technology Support

Students in grades 3-12 will be issued an SMCPS laptop with the capabilities to support online learning. Technology assistance and troubleshooting will be available through the SMCPS HelpDesk. 

After School Activities, Sports, and Clubs

Students will continue to have access to services at their home school including meals, extra curricular activities, and athletics. Students will reach out to their home schools to get further information. *No transporation is provided.


Attendance will be taken during every class. Students must attend synchronous class sessions and engage in the instruction. Students who are tardy or leave synchronous classes early will not be counted present for the entire class.

Happening Now



Go Virtual

  • Provide students with an opportunity to learn in a virtual environment.
  • Offer both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities under the direction of certificated teachers and dedicated success coaches within a flexible learning environment.
  • Engage in innovative, collaborative, and best instructional practices for virtual learning to ensure the evolving needs of each individual student are met.
  • Create critical connections between students through the use of a variety of service activities such as morning meetings and virtual community gatherings.
  • Build strong community partnerships with families.
  • Build strong community partnerships with local business and career experts.

Academics & Programs